Dore Programme

Implementing the Dore Programme in school

It has never been more simple and cost effective for schools to implement the Dore Programme, so it’s no surprise that the number of educational establishments across the UK, which use the Programme as a SEN intervention, continues to rise.

A new and affordable licence scheme is available to schools who sign up to use the Dore Programme. The scheme will provide a school with access to the Programme for up to eight children for under £1200* per year.

What is the Dore Programme in Schools?

  • it is based on twice daily physical exercises, which can be performed at home and/or at school
  • it is completely personalised to allow the school to monitor each individual pupil’s progress
  • it encourages a constructive partnership between the pupil, the school and the family
  • it includes support from the Dore team throughout the 12-18 months of the Programme
  • it has been recognised to have positive outcomes for students, mainly in the areas of their concentration, co-ordination, organisation, self-esteem, reading, spelling and sporting ability.

The licence scheme explained:

Firstly, there is a small charge per pupil (£25*) to set them up on the Programme. This set up procedure includes managing incoming referral information, medical and symptom questionnaires, review of the medical information to determine suitability.  Each pupil will also have access to an ePace learner profile assessment.

Secondly, there is a charge for each exercise equipment pack (£25*) which includes everything required for the daily exercises. Each pupil is required to have a set of equipment at home and access to a set of equipment at school.

Thirdly, each school will require an annual Dore licence (£750*). This licence is to be renewed on an annual basis and includes: personalised programmes for up to eight pupils at any one time, annual training for staff (and parents on school premises if required)**, remote email and telephone support from the Dore team.

Medals and certificates will also be provided on completion of the Programme.

To ensure your school is among the 30 to benefit from this new scheme, please call Dore on 0333 123 0100 to request further information and to speak to our schools liaison team.

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*Travel expenses (at cost price) may be applied for travel to schools which are over a 100 mile radius from the Dore centre in Leamington Spa.

**All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

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