Why Dore? 10 reasons

Dore can make the difference that matters to children and adults whose lives and futures are constrained by difficulties that make everyday full of compromise .The Dore Programme offers a unique, life-enhancing experience for 10 good reasons:

1. Dore is solution driven

Dore delivers the ability to learn by tackling the root cause of learning difficulties offering a real solution

2. Dore is science based

Dore’s pioneering Programme is founded on on-going scientific research, attaining positive, measurable results for many years

3. Dore is exercise based

The Dore Programme is based on physical activities – nothing academic, theoretical or intimidating. It takes just 10 minutes every morning and evening at your convenience.

4. Dore works

Dore is effective as demonstrated by the success stories of many thousands of participants worldwide.

5. Dore is 24/7

Through myDore online, 24/7 with a unique interactive exercise-generating system that’s personalised, convenient and totally supportive.

6. Dore is personalised

Because everyone is different, we consider your symptoms individually and create a solution that’s personally tailored to your needs

7. Dore is motivating

Dore motivates each participant to drive their own Programme and be responsible for their own life-changing achievement.

8. Dore is a community

Dore is a supportive and inclusive organisation and community of practitioners, supporters, participants and champions

9. Dore builds confidence

Dore builds confidence and self- belief, helping people on their journey to a more fulfilling future,

10. Dore is life transforming

Dore liberates ability, opening up a whole new world of opportunities with a way that can transform lives.

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