Step-by-step guide

The Dore Programme generally lasts about a year and involves 10 minutes of special exercises, performed twice a day. For some, it’s a bit longer, for others it can be as little as 6 months. That’s because everyone is different, but, in every instance, we ensure the pace is right for you, by monitoring your progress and offering advice every step of the way..

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Let’s begin – initial assessment

It begins with an initial assessment at our Dore Centre, which will last about 3 hours. Firstly you’ll see one of the friendly Dore Coaches who will take you through some simple, but important tests. You’ll then see a Dore Consultant, frequently a doctor, who’ll explain your test results, tell you how the Programme works and answer any questions you might have. Before you leave, one of our Dore Coaches will give you a Dore kit bag, introduce you to the exercises and show you how myDore works, your internet based guidance and coaching system.

Your kit bag will contain the following:

  • Wobble board – to help stimulate and improve balance
  • Bean bags – for eye-tracking and to help co-ordination
  • Gym ball – moving support for some of your exercises
  • Eye chart – gives you different things to focus on

With you all the way

Using this equipment, you must follow our precise exercise Programme, twice a day, for 10 minutes each session. Although we’re with you every step of the way, Dore expects you to motivate yourself and drive your own success.
This continues until the end of 3 months, when you have your first follow-up appointment and you’ll be re-tested to assess your progress. Your exercises will be adjusted accordingly until your 6 months appointment, when you’ll be tested and assessed, once again.

We are the Champions

You will have further follow-ups after 9 and 12 months, which, for many, will be their final appointment. By now, most participants will have noticed significant improvement in their abilities, from reading and writing to concentration, coordination and social skills. Not to mention confidence. Others might need to continue for a while longer before they graduate as Dore Champions and receive their certificate.


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