Science explained

If you have not already taken a look please watch our animation that explains all about the science and how the programme works.

Your brain can be divided into distinct areas. Dore works on two of them – the ‘thinking centre’ (cerebrum) and the ‘skill development centre’ (cerebellum). Although the cerebellum is only the size of a small orange, it’s very important, containing half of our brain cells. Scientific research has recently identified that the cerebellum plays a major role in the process of learning and automating of skills. However, the efficiency of the cerebellum varies between individuals, which mean some people find it easier to learn skills than others. When the ‘skill centre’ is not working as efficiently as it should, it does not communicate adequately with the ‘thinking centre’. Result – problems in making a whole range of skills automatic, like riding a bike, playing an instrument or typing.

Doing it ‘without thinking’

Any inefficiency in the cerebellum means that the ‘thinking centre’ has to work much, much harder. It makes it a struggle for people affected to process lots of information at one time and perform tasks ‘without thinking’, as they should. Imagine, it’s like driving a car with a difficult and awkward manual gearbox. You keep trying to change gear, but each time it’s a struggle, you have to try time and again to get it to work. It’s all so different from a simple, smooth and automatic gearbox.

The result of this inefficiency is that sufferers can find it difficult to remember how to do everyday tasks and take longer than others to complete them.
This significantly impacts on learning and achievement, even in those with normal or above average intelligence. It often affects reading and writing, your concentration, co-ordination and behaviour – you become frustrated and embarrassed.

Training your brain

Dore has found the key to improving cerebellum efficiency is through our unique exercise programme. It is designed to kick-start the cerebellum and train the brain to speed up and automate the information flow. This dramatically improves the ability to learn and retain skills.

Cerebellum Research

There have been many papers written about the research into learning difficulties and the cerebellum. Find out more here.

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