Your questions answered…

What is Dore?

Dore is a drug-free practical exercise Programme that helps people tackle the root cause of learning difficulties. The Programme can improve the ability to concentrate. It also benefits co-ordination and emotional control… as well as improving individual confidence.

Who is Dore for?

Dore is for anyone, young or old… who are experiencing learning difficulties. As long as you’re over 7 years old we can help. We don’t do the Programme for under 7′s – because we can’t accurately assess children of this age. But we’ve had plenty of children, grown-ups and even grandparents complete the Programme with fantastic results.

How does it work?

The Dore Programme focuses on the part of the brain responsible for making skills automatic. (The cerebellum). The exercises deliver just the right amount of stimulation to your brain to improve the efficiency of this particular part. The result is that you’ll find it easier to learn and develop skills that you’ve found difficult in the past. Reading, writing, concentration and balance are some of the key areas where improvements are likely. Plus people who’ve been through the Programme say it’s helped with confidence and emotional control.

What’s involved?

In order to get started on the Programme, you come to our Centre for an assessment. You’ll be with us for about 3 hours, we’ll see how well the skills centre in your brain is working – through some clever tests. (But don’t worry they don’t hurt and it’s nothing like a school or medical exam). Then you’ll see one of our Doctors and after that, if we think the Programme can help you, we’ll get you signed up and show you how the exercises work.

We’ll give you a log in to a special web-site that will coach you through your exercises in the comfort of your own home. Then you come back to the Centre at about 3 month intervals, so that we can measure your progress.

What does it cost?

For more information call one of our experienced Programme Consultants on 0333 123 0100

How long does it take?

The exercises themselves take about 10 minutes to complete, twice a day (morning and evening). (Dore isn’t a soft option, it does require your hard work and commitment).

The overall Programme is tailored to fit your needs and you’ll progress at a rate that’s right for you. That might mean that you complete the whole thing in about 6 months. Or it may take a bit longer (12-18 months). But once you’re done, that’s it! …no more exercises and you’re free to get on with learning those new skills that you may have struggled with in the past.

When will I see improvements?

Some people see improvements in a couple of weeks, for some it takes a couple of months, for some, even longer. Very occasionally people don’t see improvements until after the end of the Programme. But if you do some practice in the things you want to improve (like your reading, writing or co-ordination), in addition to your exercises twice each day, you should feel the benefits quicker.

Does it work for everyone?

First of all, Dore isn’t for everyone. If you come for an assessment and our tests suggest that you don’t have a problem with the efficiency of your Cerebellum (the part of the brain that deals with skill development), then the Programme isn’t for you. (But if you’ve completed one of our questionnaires before you’ve come… this is pretty unlikely to happen). For people who do start, nearly everyone sees a big improvement over the course of the Programme. (There have been a handful of people who say the Programme didn’t work for them. But these are very few and far between).

What qualifications do our team have?

Most of our Coaches are qualified in Sports Science or Occupational Therapy. Our Doctors have full medical qualifications, plus substantial experience of helping people with learning difficulties. Most importantly they are all dedicated to helping you or your child get the very best out of the Programme.

Do you offer guarantees?

We don’t offer guarantees. That’s because it’s up to you to do the exercises and the practice… and only you can guarantee that! But we will put you in touch with people who have been through the Programme – so you can judge for yourself how it’s worked for them.

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