Impact of learning difficulties

From disruptive to disastrous, learning difficulties certainly impact on the lives of sufferers, their family and friends. They compromise everyday quality of life in so many ways, especially when children are involved. Learning difficulties often affect people of normal and above-average intelligence, who simply struggle to do those things most of us take for granted.

Of course, we all learn to cope, with learning strategies and general avoidance. Trouble is, the young tears and tantrums, are hard to ignore, especially when the underlying problem is not of their doing.

Taking its toll

As simple tasks become major issues, the knock-on effects can take their toll. Confidence is greatly diminished and feelings of failure and embarrassment become the norm. Individuals can feel alone and sidelined, which can cause frustration and anger. This, in turn, can lead to many more serious behavioural problems.

Life isn’t easy

Inevitably, a child’s suffering is a parent’s pain too, when high hopes reach the depths of despair, as playground peer pressure and the inability to keep up, turns a once carefree toddler into a moody, withdrawn child.

In adults, learning difficulties often tell a story of unfulfilled promise and sufferers can become troubled and withdrawn. Individuals may constantly move jobs and can suffer great stress because they’re always fearful that their shortcomings will be exposed.

Dore opens doors

The success of the Dore Programme in recent years gives hope to all with learning difficulties, both young and old. It’s not easy but with a little application the results can be life-changing.

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