Dyspraxia Advice & Information

Detailed below are organisations and information which work to help those struggling with dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia Foundation

The Foundation acts as an information and resource centre for those wishing to learn more about dyspraxia, its diagnosis and treatment. It is funded entirely by membership subscriptions and private donations, providing support for those affected, their families and carers and training for professionals.

NHS Choices

Informative site from the NHS.

BBC Health website

Informative site from the BBC.

Association for all speech impaired children

Afasic is the UK charity which helps young people and their families affected by speech, language and communication impairments.

LDA learning

LDA learning provides useful resources for children with learning difficulties, such as specialist pen grips, learning resources and games. www.ldalearning.com

Dyspraxia USA

This organisation aims to raise awareness and educate people about dyspraxia, its diagnosis and treatment plus the resources needed to improve the quality of life for suffers and their families. It is also a useful website for information about dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia Ireland

An organisation set up to raise awareness of dyspraxia in Ireland and create a better understanding of the difficulties children and parents face. Another useful resource for information concerning dyspraxia.

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