Dore Research

A number of studies have been undertaken to identify outcomes from the Dore programme, some of these studies have been undertaken by Dore itself and others have been commissioned by Dore but undertaken by independent bodies. The independent studies have been peer-reviewed and then published or presented at conference.

What does peer-reviewed mean?

There are clearly challenges in constructing studies to establish the outcome of intervention programmes, particularly in the area of learning difficulties and their link to the cerebellum. There is often criticism of such studies and Dore is no exception, however we believe that the results from our studies are still relevant when taken in context. That said, we do recognise the benefit of establishing a clearer evidence base and for that reason we are participating in an ongoing pilot study in the US.

The studies have been grouped below and for each one we provide a summary of the scope and results to accompany the full study paper. Our summary attempts to bring out the salient points, results and conclusions reached by the authors of each study.


Independent and peer-reviewed for publication

Independent and peer-reviewed for presentation at conference

Peer-reviewed for presentation at conference

Ongoing studies

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