I just wanted to let you know how my son Donald has progressed since completing your remediation programme in the Edinburgh Centre when he was 11 years old. He has become a talented piper and has competed with his school pipe band at the World Pipe Band championships, plays guitar effortlessly and is generally very musical. He also plays in a local football team, is laid back, outgoing and has many friends. However the icing on the cake has been achieving an “A” in Higher Maths, History and Graphic Communication, “B” in Physics, Chemistry and English and “C” in Physical Education. He will be leaving home next month to start studying Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering at Strathclyde University. At the time the exercises were time consuming and it seemed a hard struggle, what with the distance we had to travel and the time it took to attend a single session (two days’ travel plus the day of the appointment) but it has paid great dividends. Sincerely and with thanks, Margaret


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  • Ateeq Ahmed


    DORE Team ,
                         I had a talk with one of your team member , that I still have one and half a year of time as my       daughter who is having medium level Dyspraxia , since she is just five and half years old.
                         I did a lot of study and discussed with occupational therapist about DORE programme and I deduced that it would be very useful for my daughter’s cure. I came to know that the DORE programme also works online   but I would like to have a personal consultation at least once at the beginning of the programme. I am an Indian citizen , please advise me which centre would be more convenient and helpful for me.
                       India being a very big country  with a diversified population  of 1.2 billion people, among them 33% are children below 14 years of age. Statistics shows that  atleast 2% of children are severely Dyspraxic.
     Other than Dyspraxia there are children with Dyslexia , ADHD , ADD and with other learning difficulties. Considering all these , I suggest the DORE team to open a  DORE  centre in India .
                        Many children will be benefitted if they have a DORE centre which is easily conveyable for their treatment.