Peter S


Vital stats

  • Age: 12
  • Problem areas: Reading, writing and comprehension
  • Completed Dore: April 2008


Peter had a normal healthy upbringing until he was doing his 11 plus exams at age 10 when his parents began to notice that he was demonstrating signs of Dyslexia. Despite achieving results of 20 out of 26 in subjects like maths, he was only scoring 3 out of 26 in English. His increasing underachievement was becoming more apparent which led Peter, through his frustration, to feel inferior in class despite knowing himself that he was as smart as his peer group. Having already enrolled his brother, John, in the Dore Programme, Peter’s parents completed Dore’s online symptom profiler which confirmed their earlier diagnosis. His parents then engaged with an educational psychologist who officially diagnosed Peter as having an IQ of 121 but a spelling age of seven, with a reading and comprehension age of eight. He was 10!

“Since completing Dore I don’t ‘feel’ Dyslexic any more.”


Peter’s journey

Peter enrolled with Dore on June 2007 at age 10. Initially, it was difficult to gauge if he was making progress as his 11 plus assessments meant that he wasn’t being set homework and his parents were reluctant to overload him. As a result his parents employed a Special Needs private tutor in October 2007 to support his learning. The tutor assessed Peter before starting to work with him and his reading and spelling age had already risen by 1 year since starting with Dore, 5 months earlier. By December 2007, the tutor told Peter’s parents that she had never seen a child improve so quickly. He finished all the tutoring in less than 3 months. By the time Peter finished Dore, 10 months later, his reading and comprehensive age was up to his chronological age with his spelling just one year behind.

The future

Peter’s mother described starting the Dore programme as a ‘leap of faith.’ She had to convince her husband, friends and family that it was the right thing to try…she has never looked back.

Since finishing the Programme, Peter’s progress has been consistent. He actually refers to the Oxford Concise Dictionary when he is playing Scrabble. He’s reading faster, he understands what he reads and his spelling has improved dramatically. He doesn’t ‘feel’ dyslexic any more but is able to recognise children in his school who are. The first Christmas after finishing Dore, Peter came home from school with top marks in Maths, Science and Geography and well above average in every other subject, including English. His football skills improved dramatically after Dore and he was awarded the 800 metre and 400 metre swimming badges, an achievement that seemed unreachable before the Programme!

“As there was no medication or invasive surgery involved, it wasn’t going to do my son any harm.”

Susan, Peter’s mother

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  • Rachel Smith

     think i am dislexic but i am to embarised to tell my mum!i did this test thing and everyone one of them was like a acet one what should i do!i strugil with qwit alot of things and even my teechers at parents night was a bit worred and. Sometimes i even get into trubel by my teechers for not fhinishing work and saying that i dont try when i try my hardest.I also arent that good at reading and writing .i am not goo at maths i know that is normaluy a sin of dislexia but in other places it says it is please help me !