Emily H


Vital stats

  • Age: 15
  • Problem areas:
  • Completed Dore: February 2009


To all the Staff at DORE

It has been a long time since we finished with the programme that you set my daughter Emily, and up till now I have not given you any feedback. This is because I am naturally cautious about how much progress Emily has made and uncertain if the progress will actually carry on. Emily has now finished year 10 at school and has completed her first round of GCSE exams and I now feel that I can really comment on how the programme has helped her.

I have to say that the programme has made such an unbelievable change for Emily. She says herself it is like being unlocked from a prison cell. She has very bright sisters and I can only imagine the frustration at seeing them easily able to do anything they set their heart to, and yet knowing that she cannot.

Emily was labelled as autistic ( pragmatic semantics), dyslexic and dyspraxic in order to get help at school. She went to a wonderful little primary school with very good and caring teachers. She had an addiction to books but cruelly could barely recognize all her letters. So we placated her need for books with listening books whilst plugging away at the reading.

We did attempt to get her on the programme when she was about 8 but she was too frightened of the equipment which rather took us aback, as although she is autistic we can get her to do most things.

So we began the programme in the Easter holidays of year 5. Up until then Emily had been languishing in the P scores (sometimes they are called W ie working towards level 1). She did not know all her letters and was heading to be about 5 years behind at school. Then in the summer term we had a parents evening. The teachers were amazed and reported that Emily had suddenly caught up a year. Great start but still 4 years behind, don’t get excited yet.

We did stick exactly to the programme, never missing a session even on her Birthday. She was on it for longer than the average as she carried on making progress with the tests, so 2 years.

She started her secondary school still very behind and I had to convince the teachers that Emily should be mainstream as she was still making huge progress. Thankfully I had backing from the SENCOs. Now in the first year of secondary she stopped the course and we had to sit tight and find out if she was going to carry on making progress.

And she did. The levels attained at school start at 1, by the end of primary a child should be a level 4, to get a GCSE grade C its level 7. Each level is split up into 3 semi levels, and a child is meant to go up 2 semi levels each year. I have included a spread sheet as proof as to how Emily has been helped. She has continued to soar up the levels.

She has just finished the first round of GCSE modules and has reach level 7 or a C grade to you and me. How fantastic is that! But I have to say also she has really worked at it, but I think that because she has been so frustrated for so long It made her really determined. And now she can read all the books she wants and we do not need the library listening card anymore.

So many many thanks for all that you have done for Emily and feel free to publish our testimonial to give heart to those parents who are just starting out on the course.

Yours Nicky

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  • Patrickomalley

    Its great to hear such positive results,