Daniel Y


Vital stats

  • Age: 12
  • Problem areas: Reading, concentration, anger, aggression, sleeping patterns, behavioural problems
  • Completed Dore: May 2008


Claire first noticed that her son Daniel had developmental problems when he was around six months old. While other children were learning to sit upright, he was still being propped up with cushions, and it was taking him a long time to learn how to stand and walk. He was also extremely clumsy, ending up ‘on his bottom more often than his feet!’.

At first, Claire was told that she was imagining his symptoms, but the problems got worse and as he got older, he was diagnosed with ASD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. He couldn’t read properly and was given tinted lenses to help with the visual disturbances. Dan hated crowds and loud noises so shopping trips were ‘extremely difficult’ and he was developing obsessions about many things, especially food.

Dan was frustrated, and this manifested itself in anger and aggression, both towards his mother and to other children at school. He was constantly in a bad temper and would fly into rages, he couldn’t sleep and would hardly eat.

Dan’s journey

Early in 2007, Claire saw an advert for the Dore programme and took Dan in for an assessment. She was told that the programme could help with his dyslexia and dyspraxia, so she enrolled him immediately.

Dan was given exercises to complete twice a day and within two weeks, Claire began to see an improvement. His balance and co-ordination became noticeably better and suddenly he was extremely keen to read, something he’d never wanted to do before! Once he started, he couldn’t stop and was soon reading anything he could get his hands on.

He also seemed much calmer. “It’s as if he understands now that it’s ok if he doesn’t get things right first time. He can simply try again, rather than getting frustrated with himself and those around him,” says Claire.

The future

Since finishing Dore, Claire says, ‘he’s like a different child.’ He has achieved his Yellow Belt in Jado Kuin Do and is working towards his Orange.

Once a child that used to show so much aggression, Dan now channels his energies into mastering the control and balance needed to practise a martial art; he has stopped fighting with other children and shows no violence at home anymore.

His literacy has improved greatly and he devours books, happily reading in bed at night for an hour or more. His maths is also much better and if he does make a mistake, he will calmly work out where he has gone wrong and go back to correct it.

Best of all, according to his mother, ‘Dan has a sense of humour now. I make jokes with him and we have fun together!’

“He’s like a different child.”

Update from Dan’s mum – July 2012

Daniel now attends school full time, he loves reading and his writing is so much better. He has just been awarded his Brown belt in Jado Kuin Do after 2 years hard work.

He has earned a college place to study countryside management and cant wait to go. He’s not completely normal, he never will be as he has Asperger syndrome, but most of the traits that made his life so hard have been dealt with leaving a caring young man with a great sense of humour.

He has friends and loud noises dont worry him any more, he goes shopping without a worry so thank you all so much.

Claire, Dan’s mother.

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  • Completely_potty

    Hi guys, quick update Dan is now a Brown belt, loving school and has organised his college courses for after school. he has friends now and is a happy 14yr old who achieves more and more each day thanks to Dore